No Wi-Fi network? No problem. First LPWA (NB-IoT/Cat-m) power socket - iFive.

Confronted with the fact that the cost of a constant broadband internet connection on your weekend house or holiday apartment is too high? Don’t have a wireless WiFi network in a remote location? How many users are even able to connect a Wi-Fi smart socket to their home Wi-Fi network?
Connect your cottage or remote location to the Internet via an LTE cellular network with NB-IoT or Cat-M technology and manage it remotely with the help of iFive’s first smart LPWA socket. The socket already has an integrated SIM card, so no configuration of the device is required. Extremely easy.

The socket is managed using a dedicated mobile application. The socket features 16 A remote-controlled circuit breaker, an electricity consumption meter, an ambient temperature meter and a power failure detector.
The smart socket can work in manual on/off, timer on/off or thermostat mode. In on/off mode, it is possible to control the circuit breaker remotely on demand, and schedules are also supported, where the circuit breaker is controlled according to the set time profiles. In thermostatic mode, the smart socket autonomously switches the heating or cooling element on or off according to the set heating or cooling profile.



Presence simulation – Increase security against burglary – with the help of a smart socket, simply turn on the lighting from time to time, so it will appear that you are actually at the location, which will deter potential intruders from planning a burglary.

Turn on the domestic water heating remotely and when you arrive for the weekend, there will be no need to wait for the water heater to heat your water and take a shower immediately upon arrival.

Turn on the heating or cooling of the room remotely and a pleasant temperature awaits you when you arrive. The anti-freeze program will ensure the optimal anti-freeze temperature, get rid of condensation and mold.

Discover the power eater – with the help of the built-in electricity meter, discover the biggest consumer of electricity in the location and optimize the consumption of electricity.