The eWaMo system enables modern and smart waste management.

The advanced solution combines smart IoT radar sensors that monitor the amount of all types of waste in containers in real time, which send data about the fullness via a secure connection via the LPWA mobile network to a cloud data and analysis center, where various services are performed using advanced algorithms. With the eWaMo system, smart cities, companies and organizations gain an advanced analytical tool that helps to optimize routes, vehicle loads and the frequency of waste collection. Garbage containers can only be emptied when they are full and no longer according to predetermined schedules. The proven eWaMo solution reduces waste collection costs by at least 40% and at the same time reduces urban carbon emissions by up to 70%.



eWaMo IoT sensors allow measuring the amount of all types of waste in different types of containers. The sensors are extremely durable, resistant to water and shocks, and the radar measurement system enables a completely closed and waterproof design. Internet connectivity is implemented via LTE NB-IoT or Cat-M mobile network, and the start-up and configuration of the sensor upon installation is done with the help of a dedicated mobile application via the NFC interface. Through the remote online management of devices, it is possible to monitor various telemetry and diagnostic data, such as mobile signal quality, battery status, etc. The advanced sensor system in the device also enables the detection of a fall or overturning of the container and the detection of a fire in the garbage container.

eWaMo sensors are used in conjunction with Astron Smartcity’s powerful cloud platform or are integrated into the client’s systems via dedicated APIs.