Due to the environmental policy that requires the decarbonization of the energy sector, European energy systems are experiencing major changes that will take place even more intensively in the near future.

We expect changes mainly due to:

  • a wide range of integration of volatile renewable energy sources and cogeneration devices into power systems,
  • changes in energy use, such as electric charging stations in combination with energy storage devices,
  • automated management of energy consumption in households and industry.

Catch your ticket to the energy revolution with devices from the xOne family!

Data on the consumption and production of electric energy and the diagnostic parameters of the electric network in real time represent an indispensable basis for the development of greater flexibility in the production, consumption, storage and conversion of energy and the improvement of the management of the energy distribution network. Access to data on the centralized data and service center in the Enedrom cloud is enabled by using secure connections, and the data is used by transmission network operators, distribution network operators, suppliers, aggregators and the balancing market for the purpose of optimizing transmission capacities, planning the necessary transmission capacities and power grid management and the evolution of the smart grid.



The iOne device is a low-cost compact device that enables the capture and processing of data on electricity consumption and production directly from the user interface (CI port) of a smart electric meter and secure data transfer to the cloud in real time using LPWA NB-IoT or CAT-M mobile technologies. The extremely low own energy consumption enables powering directly from the electric meter via the M-Bus bus and does not require any external power supply.

The architecture of iOne system operation