We are witnessing dizzying energy prices, gas and heating costs<br>
went sky high.

Gas is pretty much tied to the price of oil. There were also supply problems with gas from Russia and Norway. Also, the harsh winter has depleted gas reserves in Europe, and alternative energy sources in some countries, such as solar and wind energy, have been less efficient this year. There was very little wind in Germany, so she had to draw on gas reserves. Then there are also problems in the supply chains, the lack of terminals for liquefied gas, due to the covid-19 epidemic there are still delays in the logistics of transporting energy products to major markets.

Catch your ticket to the energy revolution with the Stargate device!

Based on real-time data, suppliers can drastically optimize energy procurement and production and avoid potentially paying expensive penalties in case of incorrect planning, while on the other hand, the end user can optimize and reduce his own consumption. The European Commission has already issued a regulation that requires end users to be able to see their own consumption, and on the other hand, a whole range of new and innovative online services is opening up based on measurement data in real time.

Remote control and management of devices and access to data on centralized data and service centers in the Enedrom cloud is enabled using secure connections.



The Stargate device is a compact battery-powered device that enables real-time data collection (Wireless M-Bus) on gas, heat or water consumption from smart meters and secure and configurable periodic data transfer to a cloud data center using LPWA NB-IoT or CAT-M mobile technologies. Extremely low own energy consumption in continuous radio reception and real-time data encoding enables the introduction of advanced services, such as the calculation of the load consumption curve (LP) in the time domain for each measuring point and alarming under adjustable conditions in real time. The data on the consumption of energy products in quasi-real time represents a valuable new source of information for the supplier of energy or water, the utility company and the end user himself.

STARGATE system operation architecture