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Fastec High Speed Video Cameras

Fastec High Speed Video Cameras Fastec Imaging manufactures portable, affordable high-speed cameras with outstanding image quality. With resolutions up to three megapixels and frame rates up to 250,000 frames per second, no application is too fast

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NeuroSeal EET

NeuroSeal EET ASTRON company presents an innovative and compact mobile device capable of capturing and processing EOG (Electrooculographic), ECG (Electrocardiographic) and TMG (Tensiomyographic) neurological signals - called NEUROSEAL EET.

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Fastec High Speed Cameras

Unique high-speed cameras with dual operating modes: Standard mode and Long-Record (LR) mode. The TS4 retains the same small form factor, battery operation, large built-in LCD and touch screen menu system as its predecessor, the TS3. In Standard mode, the TS4 records ultra-sharp 1280 x 1024 mono or vivid color images at over 500 frames per second and more than 60,000 frames per second at reduced resolutions.

Neuroseal EET 

EET device for disabled persons indirectly refunded capacity adjusted basic interactions in the narrow social environment, while having the additional support for the Internet and mobile networks has limited interactive and personalized mobile services in the broader communications context. Communication between the user and the device is based on technology of tracking user's eye movements.

About Us

With continuous investment in knowledge, employment and research equipment we are going to become a leading research-development company in the field of special solutions of electronic information systems and products of the high-tech nature.

On request we develop top electronic hardware and software solutions to the prototype by current standards with all the necessary documentation.